Fiddle Lessons

Fiddle Lessons for People of All Ages

Ellen strongly believes everyone should be playing music of some kind. It's good for your brain and your soul. She works to get students playing with others and having fun. She offers jams, group classes, playing along at dances and large ensemble opportunities. 


Lesson Rates for Students:  

$75 for 55 minute lesson

$60 for 40 minute lesson

$40 for 30 minute lesson


SKYPE and ZOOM fiddle lessons also available. Contact Ellen for Fiddle Lesson Info.

Reviews From Students

From Fiddle Hell:

"Ellen really knows how to present the material in bite size bits. Always has great handouts. Kept things challenging but not overwhelming."


"Ellen Carlson was really great. I learned 2 tunes from Ellen by ear without tab in an hour, no sweat. I wish more folks used her style of teaching rather than the sink or swim approach."


"Ellen Carlson got right down to business, taught the tunes, talked only when it mattered, and otherwise maximized my learning experience."


"Ellen Carlson is wonderful. She is one of the clearest and thoughtful teachers."


"Wonderful and patient teacher, with clear teaching and good rapport with the students."


"All of Ellen Carlson's workshops were excellent and fun. I love her method of teaching as it is very effective, organized and goal-oriented. I love the way she slows down and breaks down the tune, making it accessible as opposed to overwhelming. She gives great practice strategies and makes available audio and visual supplemental materials. It's exciting to have as an instructor such a fantastic artist who is also skilled at teaching."


"Ellen has the heart of a teacher, humble, patient."


From Students:

"Taking lessons with Ellen has been such a fun, positive learning experience for me. Her teaching style is so non-intimidating, always letting the 'joy of music' lead the way. Being somewhat shy, it was difficult for me to get past the fear of playing with others. Learning how to jam with others has given me a new self-confidence and, with Ellen's support and encouragement, I have learned how to push through and overcome my fear-based barriers. Being able to play with a group of other musicians is so much fun. My musical journey is such a positive energy in my life; I can't get enough of it! Thank you, Ellen, for leading the way."

-- Sue Q.


"Ellen is the kind of teacher every student hopes to find. She's patient, she teaches even the most basic skills in an interesting and meaningful way, and she incorporates your personal preferences into the lessons. Her supportive and easy-going personality helps put the nervous beginner at ease and really helps to build self-confidence. I come away from every lesson with Ellen feeling more inspired, more eager to learn, more confident, and even more talented!"

-- M. Carignan


"Ellen truly is an amazing teacher! Ellen has given me the tools and courage to attend jams and 'play like I mean it!' I never would have had the guts to do what she has encouraged me to do! She's awesome!!"

-- K. Stevens


"Forty years I have been looking for a fiddle teacher...Ellen is  a gift. I am living a dream: learning to fiddle from a teacher that makes it  fun and positive from day #1. She has given me a repertoire of Bluegrass, Celtic, Blues, Waltzes, Classical, Cajun, Swing...and I can play these with a smile on my face after only a year! She even motivated me to improvise some riffs of my own! If I am struggling with something she is always there with assurance, 'it will come, let's try this.' Ellen has brought the joy of learning an instrument and being proud of what I can play. When we play together I'm living a childhood dream of foot tappin' ... knee slappin ...just plain fun jamming! (WHA! HOO! Get out them spoons!)"  

-- MJ Farmlett